Simplicity of Collaboration

What do you like best? is a simple to use but feature rich cloud based application that allows for simple to more complex collaboration and meetings. Its screen share and ability to allow other users to share their screen and or take control of the mouse are great tools that allow all participants to easily be engaged. Whether you need to start a meeting right away or schedule in advance, has the ability and integration through a Google extension makes it is to use your Google calendar to add a new meeting invite to your calendar and send out to participants.

What do you dislike?

There are not very many things I find to be lacking with Perhaps in earlier releases but being a progressive customer focused company they have added features and improved the product in many ways over time. If I had to express one thing that I felt could be better it would simply be the ability to allow more video users in the pro version which currently allows 10 and can some times be restrictive for larger teams where users are spread out remotely.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Connecting people from various locations and allowing users to demonstrate progress, problems, plans and solutions. Its like having your entire team in one room. Without it we would not be able to be as diverse and geographically dispersed.

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