Strengthening Vendor Relationships

Conceptualized consumer portals and specialized business to business (B2B) web-based marketing strategies, expanding market penetration, attracting field professionals to potential partnerships, and enhanced the companies ability to secure contracts with industry leading product manufacturers.

As in most industries, getting closer to the end user of your product is critical. This is equally important in the biotech/pharmacy industries. Knowing just how important relationships with manufacturers were in the biotech, spent a considerable amount of time devising presentations and calling meetings with field reps and decision makers throughout the industry. Ascertaining that all of the companies business partners were educated on the importance of the Internet and how my former employer Priority Healthcare Corporation was in deed using it to support patients and drive new business.

Action Plan

  • Devise a business and marketing plan that would grow
    market share and get the company closer to the customer.
  • Present the results of the strategy to the companies
    partners, ascertaining understanding of the significance and competitive
    advantage the sites provided for Mr. Gurczynski’s former company.
  • Design marketing strategies in unison with partners
    to attain both funding dollars and to improve the relationship.
  • Respond to “request for proposals”, positioning the
    Internet sites value as a direct to consumer marketing arm.
  • Presented at presentations used in the selection
  • Design impacting presentations that helped to
    capture the audiences attention. Designing each presentation at a level the
    audience could understand.


Through the websites known as Neighborhoods, I devised a strategy allowing Priority Healthcare to get much closer to the end users, which in this case are the patients who have the chronic disease or condition. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, this was very important and as a result improved the relationships with any of Priority Healthcare’s current business, and opened the door to new relationships as well.

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