Establishing Brand Recognition

Truly effective branding is more than name recognition – it should invoke a thought or sentiment in connection with the branded name

Truly effective branding is more than name recognition – it should invoke a thought or sentiment in connection with the branded name. Although the name “Priority
Healthcare Corporation” was known to many and carried a significant meaning, it
was mostly know by the physicians market and pharmaceutical industries. As a
component of the company’s overall brand campaign, Priority Healthcare set out
to develop a sub-brand for its patient centric web site initiative, Priority

Action Plan

  • Identify a brand image that is marketable and depicts an image consistent with the needs of target markets and stakeholder.
  • Protect the sub-brand by establishing that the various domain names used for the web sites in deed function as “identities” and that they qualify and supports a claim of distinctiveness, by submitting with verification to the patient and trademark commissions.
  • Position the uniqueness of the brand to be identifiable amongst the company’s competitors, based upon Priority Healthcare’s past accomplishments with its customers and suppliers, one that will maintain a differentiation regardless of the level of competition within the marketplace.
  • Match the identity with an identified metaphor and memorable slogans that serve in creating a mood and image for the brand that invokes a sentiment of care and support.
  • Establish an image based on recognizable statements of past accomplishment that speak to the quality of service, convenience, and overall value of Priority Healthcare’s services.
  • Support the brand communication strategy by upholding the highest level of support in serving the web sites membership.
  • Foster relationships with chronic disease communities, including patients, support organizations and healthcare professionals to establish referral network and promote word of mouth marketing and brand building.


The end result positioned Priority Healthcare’s suite of chronic disease web sites under the umbrella of Priority Each of the sites maintained an image and brand identity consistent with a virtual community through the use of a Neighborhood based metaphor and business model mimicking the reputation of Priority Healthcare Corporation. By fostering an image that was not only consistent with that of the main brand of the company, the sub brand had soon become well established within the industry. To ascertain the brand identity was protected, the names of each of the sites were trademarked to protect the image and uniqueness from competing companies.

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