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A Little About Me Personally

Balancing work and family is key to professional success so before I write on about my career and experience, I am a family man with four children and up until recently resided in Florida. However, being born and raised in New Jersey, I recently moved back at the end of 2017 to our neighboring Pennsylvania. I love spending time with my kids and as I call him PappyG’s little sweetheart, watching my daughter horse ride, and one of my favorite hobbies… Mountain Biking. Yes, on a bike they still feel like mountains in Florida. I also enjoy serving at my Church and helping people just in general when able to. I also enjoy attending concerts and below you will see a photo of me and the Newsboys. I must say it was a pretty cool day for me last year!

Well now you know a little about me on the personal side lets take a quick look at my career and extensive experience in Digital Project Management.

Common positions held with my experience would include but are not limited to variations of “Web Applications Development Director”, “Agile Project Manager”, “Product Manager”, “Scrum Master”, and “Technical Project Manager”.

In these positions, I directed and provided oversight on both customer facing and background process web applications and cross functional teams. Taking products from concept to project plan, design, release, and maintenance using typically agile processes and in particular scrum in most recent years. I have extensive experience with over 20 years of digital knowledge with an emphasis on concept execution of web based products and a secondary background in online marketing. Possessing a wide degree of creativity and business acumen I have been able to lead high level projects for small to fortune 500 and 100 companies including the New York Times.

With a diverse background that includes e-commerce business strategy, and extensive experience guiding the development of custom integrations of back office systems with platforms such as Magento®, my insight and creative approaches expand business opportunity, positioning, and improve overall business processes. In my roles I have also been responsible for overseeing online sales and marketing targeted campaigns using Pay Per Click such as Ad Words® and Facebook® ads alongside SEO techniques to grow the businesses I.

Up to date with a variety of industry concepts, best practices, and procedures. Experienced working with and leading the architecting of hosting environments from dedicated servers to cloud based solutions like Amazon and Rackspace. Relying on extensive experience and judgment and vast diverse experience across multiple industries to plan and accomplish goals sets me apart from others in the industry. Experienced in managing both internal and outsourced teams including offshore developers, contractors and local development firms integrated into core teams for large projects when needed.

I invite you to look through this online portfolio and get a feel for my experience. Additional and more current work can be demonstrated in further detail depending on the application type and at minimum discussed to share the concept without revealing proprietary information.

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